Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard Affiliate Training for Clickbank

Commission Hero is a video-based affiliate marketing course. This your way to passive income. You will learn how to promote affiliate products on your website and advertise it on Facebook.

What Is Commission Hero?

Here’s a summary of what the members get from this course;

  • Tips to choose the best affiliate offers
  • Everything about Facebook ad campaigns, targeting, audiences
  • Setting up your landing pages with free templates
  • Email marketing – what to use, what you should do
  • Open images that convert – what works and what doesn’t
  • Setting up your strategic mindset
  • Revealing Robby’s personal experience throughout
  • Members-exclusive active Facebook group for support

Who is Robby Blanchard?

We have been talking about only the course so far. What about the Author? Who is Robby Blanchard? His credibility? Ok. I got you… So let the videos speak for themselves:

Who’s Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is for anyone who wishes to make a lot more than an average level of affiliate commissions, who’s willing to learn (obviously!), and who’s not afraid to spend money on advertising campaigns.

It does NOT mean Robby encourages you to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars. When everything’s set up, you’re expected to test out your first few campaigns with $25+ and gradually scale it up as you go along and gain confidence. I’ll explain it later on.

The training is for anyone at any level of knowledge/experience in affiliate marketing. Some of the students are experienced, already earning $1k commissions per day, who are there to learn Robby’s technique. While it is totally friendly to newbies. The first training video is “What Is Affiliate Marketing?” so that those who are new to online business will understand the basics.

You are free to skip any of the videos if you don’t feel the subject is necessary for you.

The training is not restricted to any specific countries. It’s open worldwide.

Why Should You Join Commission Hero?

Now, there are a few good reasons to make Robby’s training course stand out.

#1 He’s The Real Deal

There are three things about the tutor, Robby Blanchard.

Firstly, Robby is the number one affiliate on ClickBank himself, who makes $30k – $50k a day.

The program offers an optional monthly membership where you can receive more in-depth advice and consultations. But apart from that, you’ll never see occasional upsells here & there like you often see in other training courses. You see what I mean, frankly and obviously, he’s not running this course to make money.

Think about it, he only receives just under a thousand dollars from a student. That’s nothing compared to what he earns as a super affiliate, you see.

Secondly, Robby talks a lot from his own experience. You might say, “Of course, tutors are able to run tutorials because they’re experienced!”, but that’s slightly different. He shares a lot of mistakes he made in the past (as well as successes) and explains what the consequences were. Instead of simply hearing the procedures to take, we get to hear him say, “don’t do that, because I’ve done that, and it didn’t work because…” You know how powerful that is?

Thirdly, Robby’s personality. My personal opinion, you might not agree with me, but online gurus can be all loud and hyped up. I’m not a fan of coaches who roar in your face as soon as you hit the play button. I get too overwhelmed before anything, you know what I mean? Robby’s not like that – he’s friendly, sincere and very helpful. That’s just what we need.

Register with Robby’s FREE training: 3-Step System from here.

#2 You Can Plan Your Budget

Spend money or go on a low budget? If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to be successful, you really need to be clear about the traffic. There are only two ways;

  1. If you want organic traffic (i.e. drive visitors to your site for free), it’s a long shot. You need to learn an SEO technique and keep blogging. At least a few months before you see your first affiliate commission.
  2. If you want quick results, you have to spend money to advertise yourself.

Free traffic exchange services or free social media marketing – your chance will be extremely rare.

You need to keep that in mind, otherwise you’ll often face the harsh reality in during an internet marketing training course. It happens with a lot of other training courses because the main focus is often the system itself, and how you advertise it is treated as if a secondary phase. When all the technical stuff is out of the way, all of a sudden your coaches will tell you to “use” their recommended traffic services or paid ads. You feel bewildered and think, “I don’t have any more money to fork out! How much do I need to spend, hundreds? Thousands?”

With Commission Hero, the primary focus is on a paid ad service, so you should be prepared to spend money, but Robby will give you guidance. Try spending a small amount of money and see if it works out first. Get your platform prepared for the worst-case scenario (he will show you how) so if it doesn’t work out, it won’t be disastrous. You’ll find a very good, practical lesson there.

#3 You Can Learn Any Time You Want

The training is not time-limited or scheduled. Although the steps to take are set from top to bottom, you can browse the headings and randomly pick a course topic and watch the videos any time you want.

Upon joining, you’ll be encouraged to join the members-only Facebook group, where you can ask any questions. Robby himself is on it most of his waking hours so you’ll likely to receive a support response from him directly. Otherwise the members are from all across the world, so you’ll likely to receive a response pretty quickly.

#4 You Will Learn To Make $1,000 Per Day

Robby teaches you how you can make $1,000 per day – literally – which wouldn’t sound feasible if it came from someone else’s mouth.

In case you’re still wondering, there is no “magic” but there’s a lot of very, very good technique to learn. $1k a day does not mean an instant big buck. You’ll likely to need multiple landing pages and setups accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already successful in online marketing or haven’t even made a single cent just yet. Your ultimate financial goal in affiliate marketing is to become closer to the highest-earning affiliate marketer, who is there for you as a coach.

#5 The Key Techniques

You’ll be learning techniques such as;

  • Buyers’ psychology – What can change their mindset and how you can do it.
  • Open-loop – People HAVE TO close what’s open. Certain images can create that situation (I found this really useful).
  • Winning numbers – Click-through rates. What the rates are and what you should do if yours are lower.
Commission Hero Screenshot

The course outline begins with a ‘Getting Started’ section that explains some of the basics and moves on through some advanced strategies such as link tracking and scaling your campaigns.

Getting Started –

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. Ad Accounts
  3. ClickFunnels
  4. ClickBank
  5. MaxWeb

Choosing The Right Offers –

  1. Finding The Right Offers on ClickBank
  2. Finding The Right Offers on MaxWeb
  3. Finding The Right Offers on A4D
  4. Offer Spotlight: Flat Belly Fix
  5. Offer Spotlight: Lean Belly Breakthrough

Finding Your Ad Image –

  1. What an Image Should Contain
  2. Finding The Right Designer on Fiverr

Setting Up A Landing Page –

  1. Register For ClickFunnels
  2. Setting Up Your Affiliate Links
  3. Setting Up Your Domain
  4. Setting Up Your PHP Landing Page

Setting Up Facebook

  1. Setting Up FB Business Manager
  2. Setting Up Your Fan Page
  3. Setting Up Your Facebook Campaign and Adset
  4. Setting Up Your Ads
  5. Creating a Custom Audience
  6. Bonus: Inside Look at a Successful Campaign

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  1. How to Install FB Pixel
  2. Placing Your FB Pixel in Your ClickBank Acct
  3. Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

Tracking Your Campaign

  1. Tracking Spreadsheet
  2. How To Install Tracking Links


  1. Scaling Your Campaigns

Ninja Tactics

1. Reaching Out To Other Affiliates

  1. Amex Card
  2. Spying on Facebook Ads
  3. Dealing With Account Shutdowns


  1. Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (ClickFunnels)
  2. Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (PHP)
  3. Mindset
  4. Images
  5. CPA
  6. Contacts

All around, you would get access to 32 step by step videos & 6 Types of resources to make your implementation process as easy as possible.

Compare with Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a 6-week affiliate marketing training course and it will cost you the same price ($997). You will first learn the basics; how to set goals, how to research and find your niche and how to have an entrepreneur mindset. From the 3rd week onwards you will get to learn the actual marketing techniques including Google Adwords, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and how you manage traffic. 

So it covers more areas comparing to Commission Hero, which means you get to learn versatile techniques. The disadvantage can be that it may take a long time before you find the most suitable methods (which niche to promote and which advertising methods work out the best for you). 

12 Month Success Policy

Take the course, put it to the test for the full 12 months and if you don’t get results at the end of the 12 months, you can request a full refund. Commission Hero doesn’t specifically offer 30/60 days money-back guarantee, some of you might not like the sound of it. But I think the policy is absolutely fair for a reason.

Refund Policy 1

There are good secret techniques that you can learn from this number one ClickBank affiliate guy. If he offered a money-back so easily, you could potentially steal all that in a short period, get your money back and take the knowledge away with you. That wouldn’t be right.

The program is only looking for motivated, committed people who wish to make real progress. That’s what the course fee as much as $1,000 is for!

How to Join

Although Commission Hero is open for new registrations at this time, but if you found the “Waiting List” message, then enter your info and you should be redirected to a page where you can still register.